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By The Sword RPG Qld0Fkd

A thousand years since the fall of the great Demerian Necromancer King, Nevereen.

The God-Creator Kytos and his Divine Trinity have absconded the mortal plane, leaving Aedisia to fend for itself. Power, territory, control; mortal war looms over the world, but within the shadows of Tainted Arcana, dark practitioners take the stage. Cults, covens, and abominations of the night lurk beyond the scope of mortal eyes. Maneuvering behind veils of secrecy as the mortals vie for supremacy, as their kingdoms rise and fall.  

The beat of war drums sounds a haunting cadence across the Central Marches. Legions surge forth to conquer, to destroy, pillage. A holy war has just begun, and the seat of divinity may come to shift.

Etch your name into history, if you dare.

By the Sword offers endless opportunity for development, allowing players to build their characters from the ground up. The use of a simple skill and inventory system governs this, along with a newly added progression option which allows for fulfilling rewards upon thread completion.

Player-written lore contributions are encouraged, and the main plots are in their infancy. They are open to player interpretation, along with possibilities of determining the next rulers of each kingdom. The story's shape is yours to determine.

We have helpful and friendly staff who are online daily.  If you have any questions feel free to contact one directly through site cbox, PM, or even email.

Rating: By The Sword RPG L3_s2_v3
Types of Characters/Creatures Allowed: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, minor original species, player submitted species.
RP Date (Note it is an Original RPG): 1211 AF (Medieval Fantasy, Middle Ages themed)
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