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    “Iceborn. I am the wind, snow and ice.”


Name(s): Hikari Valentine
Nickname(s): Snowflake
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 24th
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: D
Guild: Gryphon Quill
Tattoo: White, On the back of her left hand
Face Claim: Weiss Schnee – RWBY
Reference: Kaelyn


Height: 5 ft. 2 inch.
Weight: 95 lbs.
Hair: Silver/White
Eyes: Blueish-Gray
Description: Hikari is a slim and petite young girl with a nicely-toned body and of average height. She has long white hair that is as similar to that of the colour of snow and strangely enough, each strand of her snow-white hair is translucent. Her hair cascades down to the spine of her back that is always pulled back in an off-center ponytail, where a small icicle tiara holds her ponytail together. The silver strands that fall onto her face plays the role of highlighting her delicate face and her blue irises. Her visage is one of her most interesting features of her apart from her glistening eyes that would occasionally change colour from a light gray tone to an ice cold blue colour. Hikari’s face displays the most subtle of expressions in which people would compliment on how lively and intelligent her appearance is. She also possesses an insignia of her family tattooed onto the middle of her chest in the colour of white, similar to her guild emblem.

Being not picky or indecisive in fashion, Hika can be seen in different kinds of outfits although her combat outfit is technically the same every time. A pale blue bolero jacket is worn over her similarly coloured dress that falls down to her thighs with a piece of white lace wrapped around her waist as the neckline of her dress. The interior design of her bolero jacket is rich and unique, made of red velvet. Despite how every girl seem to struggle wearing heels, Hika apparently does not, seeing how she present herself so comfortably in her white, heeled wedged boots that travel all the way up to her calves.

Image Of Her Tattoo:
Snowflake | Completed Latest?cb=20131206133304


Purity and empowerment dictates the colour white, and so does her personality. Hika possesses a heart as cold and frozen as ice. With very little words spoken, she achieves whatever she wishes with her actions. How can she serve her most beloved guild in her life? Hika is a perfectionist and an idealist who works hard to fulfil her goals that she had set for herself. Undeniably, Hika can be as ignorant and arrogant as how pretty she looks. Quite a rebel as well. Behind her silence lies a thousand of secrets she hides within herself and a million of thoughts that occur in her head. Her cold attitude towards everyone is a sign that she does not trust anyone easily and is strangely very unused to the concept of a true friend. However, when she does actually befriend someone, it is very effortlessly noticeable that she puts a great deal of trust in her friends and opens up to them, which is a very rare occasion but still remain composed and strict most of the time. Betray her and they’ll regret doing it their entire lives.

Despite her brutal attitude and harsh words, Hika can be a great listener to her friends and can put people at ease. ”I can be nice but very bitchy as well”, is what she would always mention herself among the newbies. Hika has always been confident in her abilities but also concedes to her deficiencies. Her trust in her skills and her intellect often come off as arrogance to others and due to this one trait, Hika receives quite a lot of hate and dislike. Being a type of girl who has a stubborn streak, she is prevented from giving up tasks easily and doesn’t like to admit defeat. She remains calm and collected in every battle but sometimes displays her cruel intentions to her enemy without noticing herself. Thoughtful and precise, Hika has the advantage of winning a fight most of the time as her coordination with her members are superb. In unfavorable conditions of a battle, she would retreat rather than being obstinate and encounter someone who is far more stronger than her. Hika does not like being called by her actual name but prefer being addressed as ’Snowflake’, thus, she prefers not telling her full name to people apart from her close comrades.


  • Perfection: Hika wishes her abilities to become flawlessly perfect which is why she always find the need to hone her skills further.  
  • Knowledge: Knowledge is the source of everything. Hika is always seeking out, searching for wisdom whether it is from any place, be it hell or heaven, and having information has always been her expertise.


  • Time: Time cannot be wasted, for one cannot stop and replenish it. One cannot go back and return to fix their mistakes again. This is why Hika wouldn’t want to spend her life doing worthless activities.


  • Reading: Most sort of information comes from books. With just lines and lines of words, one could discover a lot about the world and the interesting facts it contains, whether it is just about magic or people and Hika had always loved to discover new things/information which could be useful in perfecting her abilities.


  • Being bored: Hika is a rather active person despite how quiet she may be and she never enjoys doing nothing, apart from having naps or sleeping. She will always try to keep herself busy.

Positive Characteristics:

  • Regeneration (+4): You heal very fast inside and outside of combat. Small cuts that go up to one inch deep are healed in the next post.
    Explanation: C-rank damage healed every post.
  • Diehard (+2): You can remain conscious after attacks that would fell others.
    Explanation: Allows for 1 A-Rank spell to be shrugged off. Damage is still applied, but no pain is shown. Limit of once per battle.
  • High Society (+2): You know good manners and were trained to handle social interactions in noble circles. This is useful in requests involving members of the highest levels of society, such as monarchs, nobles, courtiers, lords and ladies, and high-ranking clerics.
    Explanation: You are capable of having threads with nobles. Those without this feat cannot.
  • Zealot (+4): This person has trained themselves to wield a specific type of weapon. This weapon can be mentioned behind the Zealot feat within brackets to claim it upon approval.
    Explanation: Player is capable of wielding a weapon and receives one at start. The starter weapon is always common and without any magical properties but may upgraded later on.

Negative Characteristics:

  • Aloof (-1): Your manner is cold and unapproachable, distancing you from friends and strangers alike. Your preternatural intelligence lends itself to viewing others as slow-witted and a waste of your precious time. Your charisma is lowered.
    Explanation: You can't act nice to people and you can't make friends easily.
  • Arrogant (-1): You firmly believe that you are better than anyone else is. Your ideas are the best, your clothes are the most stylish, and you have to let everyone else know how much better you are. Once in a while you openly show contempt or disdain for someone else.
    Explanation: You must at least act arrogant one out of five posts.
  • Clumsiness (-1): You have the unfortunate habit of dropping things, knocking things over, or tripping. 
    Explanation: You are simply clumsy. You must perform an act of clumsiness in one out of five posts. In combat, you screw up an attack in one out of five posts.
  • Cruel (-1): You have a sadistic streak that causes you to perform acts of cruelty for no good reason. Of course, this doesn't endear you to others. Most times you are prudent enough to carry out your cruelties on those under your thumb, rather than those you see as equals. However, you carry a constant social stigma, as rumors have their way of getting around.
    Explanation: You must perform an act of cruelty one out of five posts. 
  • Harbinger of Ill Omen (-1): You seem to be cursed to forever bump into a specific person, time and time again. Each time you do, something bad happens not long afterward. This person in no way does this purposefully, it just happens with alarming frequency. 
    Explanation: You will have character assigned to you by roleplay department of staff who will enter you threads randomly from time to time. When this happens, staff will change the conditions of your thread against you. Such as heavy storm, avalanches or beasts catching onto your smell.
  • Inattentive (-1): Your mind has a habit of drifting off at inopportune moments. It flits from one thought to the next so fast that you have trouble getting it to concentrate on the here and now. As such, you are particularly unaware of your surroundings.
    Explanation: You must drift off at least one out of five posts.
  • Indecisive (-1): You have been known to hesitate when faced with difficult choices or split-second decisions. If forced to choose between letting a villain escape and rescuing a loved one from being lowered into a snake pit, you're likely to agonize over the situation until something--perhaps a cry for help from your sweetheart--forces your hand.
    Explanation: You take too much time when making decisions. You can never instantly make a decision when it is presented to you.
  • Intolerance (-1): You have an irrational dislike of a certain thing. It may be an animal, a class of person, a situation, or just about anything at all. Note that some dislikes may be too trivial or ridiculous to count--a dislike of Bavarian-crème-filled donuts or mechanical pencils, for example, has no real dramatic value and will not be allowed.
    Explanation: You must act very disgusted and displeased when your dislike comes into play. 
  • Overconfident (-1): Nothing is beyond your capabilities. If you wanted, you could defeat the best swordsman in the world; you just haven't had any reason to do so yet. And surely that chasm isn't too wide for you to leap across.
    Explanation: You are easily goaded, and anyone attempting to taunt you will succeed.
  • Vulnerable (-3): You are not very good at defending yourself and moving out of harm's way. In combat you take hits easily, in roleplay terms this means that you can only dodge one out of three attacks, regardless of how easy it was.
    Explanation: You can only dodge 1 out of three attacks.


Magic: Arctic Nemesis
Type: Holder
Classes: Offensive | Defensive | Buff
Element: Ice 
Description: This type of magic requires a sword, namely a dust rapier, that contains three slots of different colours of dust; white, cyan, blue. White for ice, Cyan for wind, Blue for snow. The user has to rely greatly on glyphs that are similar to runes to summon whichever spell the user needs to create various effects that suit the situation, whether it be creating a blizzard, summoning an ice wall or a huge cyclone. These glyphs amplify the abilities of the dusts that are stationed inside the slots of the rapier to utilize the elemental powers she can control. The glyphs that are created from the sword can be used as a buff on her body to speed or dodge attacks and can be used on her allies as well. When not using the Dust, the user is also able to deliver stabs and quick thrusts at her enemy.
Weaknesses: Despite her strength and agility, ‘Arctic Nemesis’ demands a huge amount of endurance that she does not potentially have. The elements of her Dust, specifically the White Dust can be countered by Fire magic as it is a counter of Ice.


Wintershield – a nation located far north from the land of Fiore, ruled by the noble king, Erwin Valentine and his queen, Cordula. The country was known to be more peaceful than any other neighbouring lands, filled with bliss and serenity. Mountain peaks capped with snow and ice adorned the whole kingdom as walls of security. The country was not well-spoken of, despite its perfect harmony among the residents of the nation, thus, very few people have ever heard of the place. Some believe the country is a myth, a place that is non-existent but only in stories. The kingdom always being covered in snow, there were very few seasons; summer and winter, each for 6 months during the whole year. Summer was always beautiful in Wintershield, the lakes and seas that were frozen during the winter would finally melt and allowed people to go fishing and swimming. The weather would sometimes get so steaming, young girls would strip bare and enjoy the waters that ran along the streams and rivers which was always the perfect sight for men, old and young alike. On the other hand, winter was never preferred, or rather, hated by the people of Wintershield. It was always harsh and unbearable, tons of people suffered from starvation due to crops being unable to harvest. Not to mention, it was exceptionally hard for the people to stay out of their homes as well, since they were likely to be frostbitten within a few hours due to the exposure to extreme cold.

After the harsh winter, summer never came. One would say it was the worst year of the entire Wintershield and the dawn to the end of kingdom. While the whole country was out of control, Cordula was carrying a child of Erwin, only a couple of months before the child was to be given birth. Panic and worry began to rise within the family as the problem would worsen each day with people killing each other on the streets just for a mere piece of bread. A country that was once very harmonious had come to diminish and had developed into disorder. On the 24th of May, Cordula had given birth to a girl into the ’Valentine’ family. The king and the queen could not be more contented with the only beautiful child they had been blessed with and named her Hikari – the light of the Valentine family. In the amidst of all the problems that was occurring within the kingdom, Hika grew up as an adorable and a happy child, oblivious to all the events happening in the country. Her parents knowing how dangerous the country had become, permitted Hika from travelling outside of their palace, let alone making friends without telling her the reason. Being educated and taught inside the household with no friends of her age, the young girl grew lonely and confused of why she was always being told not to leave the place and also, was unfamiliar of making friends. In spite of being locked inside the palace, Hika enjoyed one thing that she had been taught; dueling with swords. Born on the coldest winter of all the years in Wintershield, the young girl loved playing with snow which is the reason she obtained a nickname from her mother, ’Snowflake’.

The young girl had grown older, smarter and stronger each day, almost becoming a master at wielding swords until chaos broke out within the city. People had turned into cannibals, killing humankind to save themselves from starvation. There was almost no food left for everyone, not even in the palace. The people that raged had surrendered themselves into violence and travelled all the way towards the palace and murdered the guards with their huge numbers. The king and the queen requested Hika’s mentor to take care of her and sacrificed themselves for her safety, believing that perhaps the future of Wintershield could be saved. After the only two survivors of Wintershield fled, the young girl couldn’t help but clutch onto her chest, the place where her family insignia was embedded into her skin and sobbed her whole heart, like the wolves howling while her mentor wrapped his arms around her, comforting her before they fled to Fiore.

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