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Name(s): Tracy Liu
Nickname(s): Humma
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Birthday: 16th December, X760
Sexuality: Straight
Class: Mystic
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Rank: C
Guild Tattoo: Black; On her tongue
Face Claim: Luthica Preventer from Sword Girls


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Red
General Appearance: Tracy has a curvy figure and likes to wear clothes that show off her features. She has a great sense of fashion and is always up-to-date with trends. Usually she would dress up differently and maybe go about setting her own trend. Tracy, as stated above has long, silky blue hair that she usually ties up into two pigtails. There are times she designs it differently, but those times aren't often. Contributing to her striking features are her piercing red eyes that will take you in like whirlpools. They can be very deceiving at times. Tracy also loves to take care of her skin, thus the reason she has such healthy skin. She always looks very fresh and youthful, and this will probably remain till a later age as her appearance doesn't age over a long period of time. She could be over fifty and still look like someone in her late teens.
Extra: -


Personality: Tracy is the type of person who will never give up and is naturally ecstatic twenty-four hours a day. Having been the daughter of a wealthy businessman, there is no doubt Tracy is intelligent and thoughtful as she was trained well. Plus, she is also a confident fast learner. Tracy loves her friends more than anything in the world. Protecting them is her very first priority, and no one can change that. NO ONE. Tracy is also left-handed and one of the people who are hard to find.

Tracy is also a big fan of shopping like all other girls are. She likes to look good, but she does not have a serious obsession for beauty, because she learnt that beauty is just skin deep. But FOOD. Now that is what Tracy is really obsessed with. She does not simply like food; she worships it. Yes, food is her God. Her favorite would be a fresh bowl of ramen accompanied by a warm cup of jasmine tea. Tracy's best days are made up of a good game (or book), good food (especially the combo mentioned above), raining outside and a good movie.

Not that Tracy is a hermit mage who likes to hide inside her house. Sure, she's hiding from her parents left in Pergrande who may or may not be looking for her. But Tracy actually loves going out, especially with her friends. She also likes traveling to exotic places. Her favorite places are beaches and waterfalls.

Though she is suffering from ADHD and gets squeamish by the sight of blood, Tracy is a strong and quirky left-handed, fun-loving person with no care in the world. And you have been warned in advance: if you hurt Tracy's friends, death awaits at your door. You don't know what it's like when she's angry.


  • FRIENDS: They make up 50% of Tracy's life. She'd do everything in her power to protect them and make them feel happy. She also loves to make new friends and grow her circle of love, since she is all that is left of the Liu family tree.
  • FOOD: This makes up 30% of her life. Actually, if she wasn't a mage, this would have taken up the other half of her life.
  • FUN: Partying, going out, having sleepovers, etc. are what Tracy loves. Actually, everything that evolves around the word 'fun'.
  • TRAVELING: Not as far as Pergrande, but Tracy is very fond of traveling. She especially loves to go on adventures with her friends.
  • HUMMING: Tracy is often found humming when alone. Thus her nickname: Humma.


  • FIGHTS: Tracy hates fights because this makes people hate each other and destroys friendships. Tracy tries as much as she can to avoid fights or arguments.
  • WEAK: This is one of the things Tracy would loathe to be thought of as. She is definitely not weak, because what normal, rich teenage girl would run away from Pergrande all the way to Fiore?
  • JUDGEMENTAL PEOPLE: These kind of people make Tracy want to just destroy something.
  • NOT GETTING WHAT SHE WANTS: Tracy hates it when she doesn't get what she wants. She can be very demanding sometimes.


  • PROTECTION HER FRIENDS: For some reason, she has this mentality that she has to protect her friends at all costs. Of course this does not mean she would die for her friends. As the legendary Erza Scarlet has said a long time ago, "You don't DIE for your friends, you LIVE for them!"
  • LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST: Tracy feels that killing herself or making someone else do it for her is like giving up on life. Even if she might have her gazillionaire parents on her tail. She thinks that she should live life to the fullest even without family because she has her friends.
  • KNOWLEDGE SCOPE: The Liu child also lives to widen her scope of knowledge. She may be already quite intelligent thanks to the expensive school her parents used to send her to, but she isn't satisfied enough. Of course, there is always something new to learn.


  • HEMOPHOBIA: Tracy gets squeamish at the sight of blood. She might as well be suffering from fear of blood as this happens every time she encounters a bleeding injury or a bloodstain on someone's shirt.
  • COULROPHOBIA: Tracy cannot stand clowns. They just make her skin crawl.
  • HER PARENTS FINDING HER: She extremely fears that her parents might discover her current location because she does not want to return to the horrible life she had escaped from.
  • AMPHIBIANS: They disgust the crap out of Yui. She can never look at any of the creatures that belong to this group without screwing up her face or throwing up after.

Positive Traits:
Acrobatic (+3)
Agile (+3)
Alertness (+2)
Diehard (+2)
Diligent (+2)
Enhanced Strength (+3)
High Society (+2)
Persuasive (+2)
Zealot (+4)
Negative Traits:
Ambitious (-1)
Arrogant (-1)
Curiosity (-1)
Daredevil (-2)
Dark Secret (-1) [Ran away from home at a very young age, stealing a fortune from her parents to take with her.]
Derangement/Insanity (-3) [Hemophobia]
Derangement/Insanity (-3) [Coulrophobia]
Extravagant (-2)
Intolerance (-1) [Judgemental People]
Lecherous (-1)
Merciful (-1)
Overconfident (-1)
Overzealous (-1)
Reckless (-1)
Short Attention Span (-1)
Squeamish (-1)
Star-crossed (-1)


Magic: Legendary Soul Takeover
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Legendary Soul Takeover allows Tracy to take over the form of a soul she has collected throughout her life which is deemed legendary. Tracy is able to collect the souls of legendary creatures or whatever creature she encounters and stores them in her imaginary dimension called the World of Warcraft. She can take parts of their bodies and use them in combat. These are called 'partial' takeovers. (Can be used at a low rank.) As she ranks up and gains more experience as a mage, she is able to take entire bodies of the souls. These are called 'full body' takeovers.
Legendary Takeovers can increase Tracy's power, strength and speed and sometimes adding a new skill such as flying or breathing underwater which can be very useful in urgent situations. But it is important that Tracy truly knows the being to be able to take over its powers.
Strengths: Legendary Soul Takeover allows Tracy to take over ANY type of legendary creature's soul as long as it is a creature. There is no limit to how many Legendary Souls she can store in the World of Warcraft. (This does not mean that she has limitless amounts of spells. Her spell slot limit for her rank is equal to that of all other mages.) Tracy is also able to take over a form for as long as she wants, as long as her body can take it. A Legendary Soul that is damaged will heal as soon as it returns to the World of Warcraft.
Weaknesses: This type of takeover can weaken Tracy greatly. If she takes over too many forms in a short period of time, she could result in fainting - which could be prolonged from a few hours to several weeks depending on how much power she has lost. Legendary Soul Takeover also drains a lot of her energy because there is no limit to how many souls she can use, especially if she is taking over full bodies.


History: Liu Tracy was the only daughter of the gazillionaire power couple: Liu Mako and Liu Sakura in the kingdom of Pergrande. She brought luck to the Liu Business Enterprises because ever since she was born, their business has shot up and the Liu family has been eating golden rice. The little Liu girl had whitish hair and blue eyes at birth. She was given extensive care and was praised by her parents' wealthy business partners for bringing such fortune. There was nothing bad about her life. To make that even better, she had inherited the Legendary Soul Takeover magic from her great grandfather from her father's side. Even though her father had wanted a son, there was nothing that he did not not want about Tracy so he didn't complain about having a daughter.

When Tracy turned seven, her father sent her to a special school that gave her education she was actually supposed to receive two or three years later. The school consisted of only prodigious students and everyone was just flawless and perfect. As if they were lifeless automatons. Tracy liked the fact that they gave her expansive education, but she hated that everyone else were like robots since they all came from crazy rich families with big names. Tracy felt like she was the only one with emotions there. All the other children were obsequiously obedient to their parents whereas Tracy kind of rebelled. She got what she wanted if she behaved, but if otherwise, she was given 'severe' punishment. Like not being sent to school for a week. Seriously, what child does not like that?

Tracy has reached the age of ten. She was still attending that horrible school, but on the other hand, she was practicing her magic. She has collected a few souls, learning each one of their legendary and calling them Legendary Souls. Whenever she finishes with them, they disappear into a different dimension Tracy likes to call the World of Warcraft. It is an exclusive world specifically designed for her creatures. At this stage, Tracy was only able to speak to them and use them for company when she felt lonely. Which was almost ALL the time since she was always left home alone with maids and servants. Tracy was starting to feel really sick of her life.

Thirteen years of life now. She's grown so much taller. This was the point in Tracy's life when she felt the most rebellious. There was nothing she wanted to do but escape from the cage where she seemed to have been held captive her entire life. Not anymore now. With her maids being as lifeless and servile as they were, there was a huge chance to run away. Tracy grabbed a few million jewels on her way. She went all the way to the kingdom of Fiore, taking trains and taxis and buses from place to place until she reached a certain town and settled in an apartment by the port with an old granny downstairs. Living there was even better than living in the Liu mansion. She made a lot of friends in that town and started to experience happiness.

Thanks to her Legendary Souls, she could take jobs from mercenary request boards and earn jewels to help her survive. Tracy occasionally travels to different towns and goes on adventures just for fun. Since she's free like a bird now, she was able to discover her fondness of music and food. She found out her favorite types of music were the lively kind and now she has the habit of humming when she's alone as well. And for food, she likes almost EVERYTHING. Tracy has changed from a caged bird to a completely carefree and fun-loving person. The older she grew, the more knowledgeable and carefree she became, gaining more experience in life and being able to start using her Legendary Souls for more beneficial causes.

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