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1Luciana Kuroneko Empty Luciana Kuroneko on Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:17 pm

Luciana Kuroneko

Luciana Kuroneko

    Luciana Kuroneko Chocolaneko
    "Nya nyaa"

Name(s): Luciana Kuroneko
Nickname(s): Chocola
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Birthday: 11th January x762
Sexuality: Pansexual
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Rank: D-class
Guild: Eisenwald
Guild Tattoo: Between her shoulder blades, soft pink
Face Claim: Chocola from Neko Paradise


Height: 1.73 meter
Weight: 58 kilo
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
General Appearance: Luciana has long black hair that reaches her thighs. She almost always binds it together into twin tails. Instead of regular ears, she has two black cat ears growing on top of her head, twitching and turning to hear the faintest of sounds with white fur inside them. Her red eyes are peculiar as well, as she has cat like pupils. From her spine sprouts a black furred cat tail. She walks around with grace and silence of a cat and is great at sneaking around unheard. She tends to look really cheerful and playful. She wears gothic themed clothes, featuring spikes, belts, chains and black, purple or red.
Extra: She has a cat like tail, cat like ears and cat like pupils.


Personality: Luciana is a cheerful and happy person. She likes to play around and have fun, teasing people and trying to cheer people up when they seem down. She is energetic, maybe too energetic. In her excitement, she sometimes forgets her own safety. She talks a lot, often spilling more than she should have. But because of it, she can often mask the truth. She tries her best to be dramatic with her actions, just to entertain people and because it is more fun. She tends to ignore or even outright break rules and her rebellious nature makes her pain to order her around.

She had faced black suited slavers in her past, which has left her with a fear for anyone wearing black suits. She hates slavers and fears enslavement, as she would rather die than have her freedom taken away and being ordered around for the rest of her life. She fears mind control magic, as it is most likely capable of breaking her rebellious spirit and take control of her life.

  • Cats, especially kittens
  • Chocolate and chocolate milk
  • Teasing and fooling around
  • Curling up in the sun, next to a fireplace or somewhere warm and snooze
  • Being scratched behind her ear
  • Outsmarting people
  • Sneaking upon people


  • Dogs that bark, silent dogs are fine
  • Swimming or being drenched
  • Loud sound
  • Foul odor
  • Boring people
  • Rules and authority


  • Having fun every day
  • Bringing joy to the world
  • To catch the red dot!


  • Mind control
  • Enslavement
  • Black suited people

Positive Traits: [17]

  • Acrobatic (+3): You have excellent body awareness and coordination.
  • Agile (+3): You are particularly flexible and poised.
  • Alertness (+2): You have finely tuned senses.
  • Deceitful (+2): You have a knack for disguising the truth. Your lies are difficult to distinguish from the truth.
  • Nimble Fingers (+2): You are adept at manipulating small, delicate objects. This involves things such as a small mechanics and locks.
  • Persuasive (+2): You have a way with words and body language. Somehow you manage to persuade weaker minded people easily.
  • Stealthy (+3): You are particularly good at avoiding notice. You could be sitting somewhere in a thread at a bar and people wouldn't even notice that you were there.

Negative Traits:

  • Bravado (-2): You are rash in combat, refusing to show weakness by falling back from your enemies' blows. You either face it and stop it, or get hit in the progress. In addition, you cannot fight defensively.
  • Bruise Easily (-2): Each time you take bludgeoning damage, including that from falls, you take more damage than any other person. 
  • Careless (-1): For some reason, people always seem to escape your clutches. You don't understand how that's possible. After all, you throw them into your easily escapable deathtraps before leaving them alone with your bumbling guards while you wander away for no apparent reason. You just can't manage to do a great job at anything.
  • Curiosity (-1): You're a naturally curious person and you find mysteries of any sort irresistible. In most circumstances, alas, your curiosity overrides your common sense.
    This forces you to investigate something unusual, even if it looks like it might be dangerous.
  • Daredevil (-2): You only really feel alive when you're staring death in the face. Your character is addicted to the thrill of death-defying stunts, pushing himself to the limit at every available opportunity. 
  • Hedonistic (-1): You love a good time. You party too much, drink too much, and eat too much. You have trouble resisting an invitation to join someone in a drink and sometimes shirk your duty if offered a more enjoyable time elsewhere. Whenever a good time is presented you let your guard. You're also not capable to resist seduction of any sort. It's just not in your nature to resist such opportunities.
  • Indecisive (-1): You have been known to hesitate when faced with difficult choices or split-second decisions. If forced to choose between letting a villain escape and rescuing a loved one from being lowered into a snake pit, you're likely to agonize over the situation until something--perhaps a cry for help from your sweetheart--forces your hand.
  • Lazy (-1): You will never do any more work than is absolutely necessary. You will rely on your companions to do things such as build campfires, cook, and keep watch throughout the night. Generally, you will neglect details of preparedness in order to grab a few extra minutes of sleep. Failure indicates that you think the time would be better spent napping or laying under the shade.
  • Reckless (-1): You lack the emotion of fear. Unfortunately, it is often an important cue that keeps men from doing foolhardy things. Sure, you don't flinch at the sight of even the most hideous monster, but neither do you feel the need to run away when outclassed.
  • Mania: The character has a fairly constant euphoric or possibly irritable mood. Symptoms include a general increase in activity, talkativeness, increased self-esteem to the point of delusion, decreased need for sleep, being easily distracted, willingness for dangerous or imprudent activities , delusions, hallucinations, and bizarre behavior. 
  • Short Attention Span (-1): You have little patience, causing you to have difficulty concentrating on repetitive tasks.
  • Talkative (-1): You have a problem keeping your plans to yourself. Your ideas are simply so clever that you tell them to other people, so that you can watch their astonishment creep across their faces just before they tell you just how smart you are. Your flaw gets you to reveal your plans or evil scheme to the wrong people. There's nothing to prevent you from dropping them into a deathtrap afterwards, but should they survive, then you've got problems.


Magic: Dark reaper
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: She has fused a portion of her dark emotions within a pair of hand scythes. Fueled by these dark energies, they can be wielded with great power. As her own emotions are still linked to them, she can create chains of dark energy between her scythes and herself, allowing her to lash at a distance with her chosen weapons. She can extend these chains up to 5 meter and back again to her hand. Not only do can the scythes tear at the flesh, the dark energies upon energy of souls, tearing them apart. Soul damage is not a permanent thing, unless it severs someone's complete soul, which kills any living creature. Severed soul energy returns to it's owner, as if were a wound and healing it natural. This process cannot be sped up, except for soul magic. The only effect this has, is that you can't simply heal the physical wounds. She can channel blasts of dark energy through her scythes and direct them outwards.
Strengths: Her dark energies cut deeper then just flesh and physical armor offers little protection. As the dark energy slices at soul energy, it is harder to heal all the wound inflicted, though regular wounds can still be healed as normal. For example, you can get a cut from the dark scythe and get a flesh wound. You can heal away the physical wound, but the pain remains the same untill the soul energy has recovered normally. She can fully control the dark energy, including the dark chains that links her weapons, allowing her to fight within a 5 meter range with great accuracy and control, whirling around with sharp tools of battle.
Weaknesses: Light magic counters the dark energy and can even temporary sever the link between Luciana and her scythes. If this connection is severed, her magic is weaker and she can no longer form the chains between herself and her weapons. The dark energy can only extend a few meters from her weapons and herself, making her fully incapable of making long ranged attacks.


History: Luciana was born and raised within the town Oshibana. Her cat like features had made her into quite a known person within town. Some thought of her as a mutant and a monster, but most treated the cute little girl normally. However, the word spread of her and eventually, a group of slavers caught word of the cat girl. Interested, the slavers decided to capture the girl, as they were quite certain she would fetch a high price for her unusual features. She was hunted down by men in black suits and she ran for her life. She tried to hide in the forests, but she was no match for their expert tracking skills. She was caught and carried off.

However, they never left the forest alive, as all the black suited men suddenly fell dead after something struck them from the shadows. She never saw her saviors face and was thankful for her saviors arrival, but terrified from the experience. But the mystery person disappeared as fast as he appeared, leaving her still bound amongst bleeding corpses. She tried to loosen her bonds, but she couldn't. She was shaken and despair slowly began to take hold of her. As she sunk deeper and deeper, it was then she first began to manifest her magic. Dark energy disintegrated her bindings, making her free again. She was still scared and didn't knew what just happened, but when she realized that she could run back to down, the dark energy dissipated and she ran back home.

In the following years, she began to study her magic, trying to harness it's power. But she soon noticed that it fed of dark emotions. She didn't like it and tried to wield it's power nonetheless. And when she was 17 years old, she came with an idea. She tried to bind her dark emotions and energy into a weapon, one that she could wield when endangered. And thus, she crafted a pair of hand scythes, filled with her dark emotions and energy. Because of it, she no longer experienced dark emotions as quickly, her mind most filled with bright and cheerful energy.  She still experiences fear, hatred and other darker emotions, but it takes a lot more to get there. But because of that, she had become much more careless and reckless. The only thing that she will still fear mostly, is being  enslaved, her freedom taken away and being forced to obey. But when she wield her two scythes, she a terrifying foe.

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2Luciana Kuroneko Empty Re: Luciana Kuroneko on Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:38 am

Aoi Mitsurugi

Aoi Mitsurugi
All I see to ask is that you change the damage output of your weapons be no different than any other weapons. They can do only equal to the rank of the holder, no more no less.

Bump when edited =3

3Luciana Kuroneko Empty Re: Luciana Kuroneko on Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:50 am

Luciana Kuroneko

Luciana Kuroneko
I am sorry, I was didn't mean to imply that the dark energy deals more damage. The only thing I wanted was to make the pain last, even if the wound has been healed with magic, untill it the soul energy recovers itself. I clairified it within my magic, hopefully it is now better.

4Luciana Kuroneko Empty Re: Luciana Kuroneko on Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:52 am

Aoi Mitsurugi

Aoi Mitsurugi
Yep. I approve! =3

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