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Pandora's Gate (all girls guild in the making!) Jz8FfHn

Guild Name: Pandora's Gate

Color: #cc0033

Spectrum: Chaotic Neutral

Guild Theme: Forbidden City

Guild Location: Roncello

Guild Tax: 0%

Guild Description: The concept of Pandora’s Gate reaches beyond the idea of good and evil. The guild was founded for the sole purpose of creating a home to women in need who cannot find a place elsewhere in the world and seek trust and love in spite of their sometimes wrongful actions. The guild’s chaotic neutral alignment allows each and every wizard not only to remain who they are without being judged for their actions, but also to seek understanding and support from the master and its members.

The story of Pandora dates back millenia, a cautionary tale about the dangers of curiosity. It's said that Pandora was a young woman who'd been entrusted with tending to the gate behind which held all of the ills and troubles of mankind. Her task was to keep anyone from opening that gate. However, Pandora’s curiosity got the better of her, and one day she took a perk behind that gate, unleashing all that brings sorrow onto mankind.

The guild draws it's name from that tale. Pandora’s Gate serves as home for any female mage looking for protection from a world filled with sorrow, bereft of peace from the troubles of their lives. Just like the gate which Pandora held the key for, the guild serves as both a shield from the ills of whatever life they've led, and a home for those plagued by troubles to rest their head.

Pandora was the gatekeeper of woe, her key being the only thing keeping sadness at bay. She kept this key to the gates of sorrow close to her, and to reflect this the members have a symbolic key impressed upon them. This mark symbolizes their shared burdens, and unity, though it could also easily be interpreted as the key to the heart, or the key to oneself. No judgments are held among this coven, no obligations beyond loyalty to your sisters. The idea is to provide a home for those who might not have one anywhere else. A safe place for any woman in need.

Regardless of your past, you'll find sanctuary here.

Guild Requirements:
All members of Pandora’s Gate must be exclusively female.
Members are required to earn the master's trust before becoming a part of the guild.
Fellow members shall never be harmed no matter their alignment.

Guild Notes:
Pandora's Gate welcomes sorceresses of all alignments. Once they swear loyalty to the guild and Roncello, they are free to do as they please so long as their actions won't bring harm to the guild.
No men shall enter the guild halls of Pandora’s Gate unless given special permission by the master.
Pandora's Gate is a safe haven for any sorceress seeking refuge from a world that may not understand or welcome them. We accept those with the 'Branded', 'Bad Reputation', 'Amnesia', and 'Dark Secret' traits as well as any other female mage looking to to join.
The members are not required to pay a monthly tax, however donations to the guild are greatly appreciated.
Breaking any these rules will lead to punishment from the guildmaster, banishment from the guild and the city in which the guild resides.

Guild Master: Sayuno Yato (S)

Guild Members:

  • Elysion Epsilon (A)
  • Ryumimi (B)
  • Kaelyn (B)
  • Blink (D)
  • Miyu Kento (D)

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Creation date will be some time next month.
1 more open spot before the guild is created.
There will be pillow fight and cosplay/maid cafe events.
We have a Loli Ace. That is all you need to know.

Guild emblem is still a wip, so there's more Loli for now. Enjoy!

Btw, you are all allowed to post in here and discuss events ect if you can think of something - feel free to share it!

Miyu Kento

Miyu Kento
you got yourself another participent who is interressted


Looks like we're full (for now) then! :3 I expect to see you in Roncello if I ever get this ass of mine out of Crocus.

Inzei Mishima

Inzei Mishima
Can I join once the guild has appropriately expanded?


You are not a girl.

Pandora's Gate (all girls guild in the making!) Tumblr_inline_mhv8et3yue1qz4rgp

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