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Leon Krane

Leon Krane
Golden Sphinx

Alignment: Lawfully Neutral

Motto: "Collect and profit"  

Location: Ulassai, chosen for its prime location in southern Fiore  and the town's bazaar.

Appearance: Located in the merchant quarter of Ulassai towers a massive gold obelisk that stands over ten stories tall, much larger than all other buildings in the city. Underneath the guild, roughly 4 stories down, lies the guild's vault. It is here that the guild's funds are located, small personal vaults for members of the guild are located, and the stock of goods that the guild manages. The guild's first two floors are dedicated towards a foot court/cafeteria like area with a fully stocked bar. There are multiple different seating options and areas for private conversation. The second floor is where one will find the request boards. Third and forth floor are dedicated to living quarters, boys third floor, girls fourth. Sixth and seventh floor is the guild's library, stocked full of valuable information and lore. The eighth floor is where the meeting hall is located as well as smaller private meeting rooms that members of the guild may use for personal reasons. The ninth floor is the living quarters for the Trinity Council. And the tenth floor is a massive observatory floor that over looks the city, this is used mainly in formal gatherings and events hosted by the guild.

Visual reference

General Abstract of Guild:
A guild that is neutral though upholds a set of codes among themselves and the contracts they are bound to. Golden Sphinx is a Treasure Hunters Guild that is outside of the Magic Council's jurisdiction but falls under the broad umbrella of Merchant Guilds. They will take  any player no matter their character alignment or standing with the Magic Council, though nationally wanted players such as terrorist will only be accepted under rare conditions. The guild is not led by a single master but a council. The guild is composed of three distinct branches.

A group of like minded individuals that seek to collect rare artifacts and treasures to either sell or use. The guild is classified as a Treasure Hunters guild and therefore has little to do with the Magic Council but the guidelines of Merchant Guild Association. Guild does not discriminate between dark or light mages, nor methods of how to obtain the treasures, though murder should be seen as a last resort. Members are heavily encouraged to participate in site plot threads. While ranking up is not heavily pressed in this guild they are encouraged to gain strength so that the guild may use its strength as a form of bartering, be it showing their strength to gain a monetary or political upper hand, or hiring out their strength to other guilds, organizations, or private parties. The guild encourages weaker members to team up to help with progress of ranks but also to take on more elaborate adventures and quest together. Members are  heavily encouraged to partake in Site Plot Events; members should help each other out in these events and once other contenders that are not Golden Sphinx members are eliminated may they squabble over the spoils among themselves. There is not a single guild master but a three leader system known as the Trinity Council, each leader holding a different aspect and significance of the guild: Hunters, Merchants, and Rangers. Outside of the Trinity Council there is the positions: The Sentient, The Law, and The Keeper.

The Trinity Council

A three party system that each hold a certain interest and facet of the guild. Members are constantly rotated allowing there to be a democracy and unbiased ran organization. The council will vote on all major issues and functions of the guild. While Council Members are held to a higher standard they are not necessarily seen as the strongest Mage of the guild but most capable of handling that title's responsibilities.

Regulations and Requirements
I. Elected by majority vote at a guild meeting with over 75% attendance
II. Must be member of the guild for three months prior before being elected
III. Any rank is allowed to hold office. Members that are B rank or lower must receive over 70% of the total vote in two candidate election and 50% of the total vote in a three person election
IV. Council Members must have four or more active threads in a month
V. Council Members must host an event or meeting once every three months, each member holding one each month that fall between the guild meetings.
VI. A vote for new Council Members will be held every four months at the Tri-Annual guild meeting.
VII. Use of guild funds must have approval of two or more Council Members before it can be approved for purchase.
VIII. Members must have approval of at least two Council Members in order to borrow funds or equipment. Council Members may use any item in the guild possession whenever they chose but must donate 10% of their total jewels to the guild's funds in order todo so.

Hunter are the main reason that the guild was created. The Hunter Council Member deals with mainly request. They are the branch leader that oversees team formation and recruitment. This Council Member should create at least two new request for the guild a month [one of lower rank and one of moderate]. These request often deal with collecting a rare item for a potential buyer. This Council Member's approval is required for all people attempting to join the guild.

The Merchant Council Member is in charge of drafting guild's tax policies, handling of guild wares, and affairs with other organizations. This member needs to be very active and have a decent mind when it comes to numbers and budgets. They also are encouraged to have the Appraise Magic Value trait so that they can conduct business more efficiently. Events held by this Council member are often friendly competitions with rewards from the guild's treasury.

This branch of Golden Sphinx encompasses a great deal. This Council Member along side the Merchant has the most contact with other guilds and organizations. They are often hired out for mercenary work and raid groups. This Council Member is restricted to being A rank or higher. They are also in charged of the formation of raid groups and leading said groups into battle. The events held by this member is often focused on guild wild teamwork or increasing the raw strength of a member.

Other Elected Positions

The Sentient: In charge of the defense and safety of the guild and its members. During times of crisis the Sentient will alongside the Ranger Council Member will lead the members in the defense of the guild. The Sentient is also responsible for dealing with trouble makers in the guild often carrying out the punishment passed by The Law member. The Sentient is restricted to B rank or higher. Often times the person that holds this title could be compared to that of an Ace in other guilds.

The Law: Is in charge of upholding and interpreting the law of the guild. The Law will act like the judge in any internal guild cases. The Law will also be in charge of keeping tally of votes during a guild meeting. The Law with the Merchant Council Member will be charged with drafting new rules and regulations for the guild.

The Keeper: Is charged with handling the collection of lore that the members have accumulated. They will be tasked with making brief/elaborate editorials about the lore that the guild discovers and the items that they have recovered. They are also to work with the Hunter in drafting new request and request lines for members to accomplish to further expand the lore of the guild.

Guild Membership Requirements/Regulations:
I. No rank requirement
II. No set magic them
III. Members must follow the Trinity Council's decrees. Failure will result in punishment
IV. B rank and lower are encouraged to group into teams.
V. Have at least two active threads a month
VI. A rank and higher members must own at least a single item, pet, weapon, or armor.
VII. X rank members must own at least two items, pets, weapons, or armor.
VIII. No interfering with another members target unless permission is given from the Guild's Council and the other member is informed of your competition.
IX. Attend the tri-annual yearly meeting. This is where we will decided if you are an active member or not of the guild. Excuses must be given within 72 hours after meeting is started.
X. Quarrels with other members should avoid maiming or death, and if needed witnessed by the Sentient and Law position holders.

*For the time being all positions that require election will be occupied by NPC that will be replaced upon the elections after the first guild meeting.
**First guild meeting will be held 4 months after the guild is officially established.

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