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Zancrow Redsoul

Watcher's Eye

Created in the hidden catacombs of Lovero's underworld, Watchers Eye is an exclamation of one manís will. Forever he has watched as the seasons ebbed and the ice flows creeped and receded. For years he had watched the squabbles of children while passively acquiescing to their childish whims. However with a change of location that manís will has been changed.

No longer will he passively sit upon his throne as the children below fight over their small plots of land. Not while something greater and oh so much more powerful looms in the frozen night of the north. No longer will his calls for peace and focus be denied in favor of power struggles and distractions without essence. If the world wishes for an enemy to bring them from their dark ages, he will be the one to show them the true terror of the Kingís of the Night

Guild Requirements

Ice Magic preferred
Proficiency in combat heavily preferred
Flexible Moral Compass
Activity preferred
B+ is required

-Note these are preferred and not required

Guild Notes & Info

Color: #3366ff

Spectrum: CHAOTIC

Guild Theme: TES V Skyrim Soundtrack - Beneath the Ice

Guild Location: Lovero

Guild Tax: 5%

Guild Members

Guild Master

  • Taiho Seiker | S-Rank

Guild Members

  • Geno Ranzu | Guild Ace | S-Rank
  • Videns Seiker

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