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1Arceusism Guide -WIP- Empty Arceusism Guide -WIP- on Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:31 am

LeeAnn Nakamura

LeeAnn Nakamura
Arceusism Guide -WIP- Worldb10


Arceusism is a religion that not many people believe in due to it being so old. Its a religion that is native to Fiore. It holds many beliefs and philosophies of the world and causes. Those who believe in this ancient religion still believe the supreme being is a god name, Arceus. It controls all elements and keeps the other spiritual beings and other gods to keep in control.

The gods are separated in other locations with ancient temples hidden all over Fiore. There are few known and uncovered by archaeologist. Within these temples, are statues of these gods such as Seiri, the god of death, or Chrom, the god of the Northern lights and holy happenings. There are many others that still worshipped in small cults.

Arceusism Guide -WIP- Suicun10

The God of Northen Light

The long lived god of the Valerice Northen lights that dance in the skies and of holy happenings. Chrom is known to taken in lost spirits and help aid them and give them a purpose such as ghost or lost souls. Legends have said to see a strange creature jumping from cliff to cliff. Sightings has pointed out to see a light blue-white dog-like creature with a teal crystal crest and a purple mane. There are gray-light blue crystal on his sides. Legends has said if you happen to see this creature, something good would happen to you and eternal luck.

He is one of the three legendary gods on the Arceusism religion. These gods are some of many that watch over the lands. Many do not believe in this religion since its ancient nad lo
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LeeAnn Nakamura

LeeAnn Nakamura

Arceusism Guide -WIP- Xernea10

Goddess of Forest Life and Balence

Kodama is known as the balance between life. She maintains the forest life in the plants and animals that live in her forest. This goddess is a peaceful creature and is sighted among those who believe in her or who disturb her forest. Kodama is known to be protective of her land and hates those who disturb it.

She has been known to take on apprentices who believe in peace and bringing it to the world. Her magic assoicates with plants. Everywhere she walks, flowers and a stray of wild flowers flow her. If you see ya trail of random colored flowers along your path. She maybe be flowing you.

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