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A simple thread to test out any codes you might have in mind for threads. I'll be posting a few examples myself in a shop for anyone interested, feel free to try them out if you like.

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Holy God Slayer

Holy God Slayer is an ancient magic lost to time, the likes of which is hardly ever seen in modern days. Utilizing the holy element of light, this magic is capable of many different forms of offensive combat, as well as supplementary effects such as blinding and healing. From the outside looking in, Holy God Slayer is incredibly intimidating due to its light being a dark, almost black color, giving off the appearance of corruption itself, when in reality the opposite is actually the case. 
Strengths: Holy God Slayer has amazing offensive capabilities, allowing the user to "solidify" the light created to produce impactful blows, as well as using light as a tool to blind the user's enemies. Another advantage this magic has over others is that the user is capable of consuming outside sources of light, and thus healing the user's physical wounds. While the Holy God Slayer is capable of consuming natural light, he is also capable of consuming light based spells cast by another user, including that cast by a Dragon Slayer of a similar alignment, while the opposite is not true.

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Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl

HTML Testing Elesis-Transparency_zps6f61e69c

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Johnny Hanqkfei

Johnny Hanqkfei


Risk: 100% - Vitals: 100% - Mana: 110/110
Name: Johnny Hanqkfei - Magic: Exorcism Magic
Sex: Male - Sexuality: Straight - Age: 23 Years

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