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Naivarra Elysium

Naivarra Elysium

Naivarra Elysium Nyaruko-kuuko-20Young form
Naivarra Elysium Haiyore__nyaruko_san_w__kuune__by_rodrinex-d66dhp0Mature form
"Mine mine mine mine! Donít get between me and my Eliara!"

Name(s): Naivarra/Arra Elysium depending on form
Nickname(s): The Chaotic Order
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Birthday: 12th of July, X760
Sexuality: Demi-sexual
Class: Mystic
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Eisenwald
Guild Tattoo: On her back.
Face Claim: Kuuko and Kunne from Haiyore Nyarko San.


Height: Five and a half feet in mature form and four feet in young form.
Weight: 130 pounds in mature form and 100 pounds in young form.
Hair: Red in both forms
Eyes: Red in both forms.
General Appearance: For starters, depending upon which half of her personality Naivarra has a different physical appearance which changes on account of her magical abilities so let's get started.

Naivarra is the more physically mature out of the two bodies that she possess and as such is a bit taller than Arra, her less physically mature half, coming in at about five and a half feet with a rather well endowed figure and firey red hair reaching down to the base of the spine. In the matter of her actual face Naivarra's looks are those of what you'd expect from a women in her early twenties, young yet showing the signs of physical maturity. Lastly, unlike her younger form Naivarra wears her hair in a single rather long pony tail.

In her younger form, who prefers to be called Arra, her appearance changes from a mature one to that of a younger cuter girl in her late teens at the age of sixteen. In addition to becoming physically younger and losing a lot of her bust size Arra's hair changes and while yes, it is still the exact same length except she wears it in two pig tails instead of a pony tail.

Now for clothing the two of them have different tastes and as such Naivarra prefers boy clothes, shirts and jeans being a main part of her attire in an assortment of colours but yet, none of her clothing seems to have any patterns or shapes on them as Naivarra doesn't really care about clothing much. Arra on the other hand puts a lot more effort into it and tends to wear much cuter clothing and more feminine clothing such as skirts, dresses and blouses.

Extra: Naivarra changes appearance in accordance with which half of her personality is in control.


Personality: As with her appearance Naivarra has two distinct personalities on account of the fact she has a split personality disorder and so I will start with Naivarra, her more physically mature forms personality. Naivarra is the much more shy and reclusive of the two but also a lot more reasonable, self controlled and tactical; she is the cold flame, one who embodies controlled destruction and as such Naivarra is more likely to be more stealthily in her actions or more tactical when necessary and, like her appearance would lead you to believe is a lot more mature than her physically younger personality.

When it comes to people though, Naivarra isn't really that good with them and while yes, she has bucket loads of self confidence when among large groups of strangers the women just freezes up and struggles to form words however, if she is with a group of people, or even one person, that she knows and trust Naivarra has no issues speaking freely to them.

Moving onto Arra the first point of her personality to note is that unlike her elder version she is a lot less self controlled and more prone to letting emotions instead of thought govern her actions and combat choices and while yes, that makes her a "dumb" opponent it also makes her a dangerous one as despite the lack of tactical thought in her actions, Arra makes emotion based ones which leads to a more chaotic and destructive combat style.

As she is the less mature half of the personality Arra is a lot more possessive and childish, even going so far as to stalk Eliara, and as such gets on a lot better with strangers than Naivarra does but, the downside to this is Arra tends to be a little too trusting of strangers and a bit of a ditz viewing things with a childish mind but by no means is she innocent.


  • Eliara Mitsurugi.
  • spicy food (only in her mature form)
  • ice cream
  • fire


  • The water.
  • Spicy food (but only in her young form)
  • The cold
  • Naivarra and Arra (One personality dislikes the other)


  • Finding a way to give each half of her personality there own body as they hate sharing with the other.The reason for this is as they both have there own personalites and likes and dislikes and as such hate having to share the same body, after all while one is in the control the other personality is still capable of seeing what is going on.
  • Marrying Eliara which is due to the fact that they had an arranged marriage organized years ago and this combined with Arra's feelings for Eliara is why she wishes to marry her.


  • Drowning.
  • Having Eliara taken from her.

Positive Traits:

  • Deceitful (+2):You have a knack for disguising the truth. Your lies are difficult to distinguish from the truth. (Young form only)

Negative Traits:

  • Shy (-1): You are distinctly ill at ease when dealing with people, and you try to avoid social situations whenever possible. When you become the center of attention you freeze. Don't expect to make any public speeches. (Mature form)
  • Lazy (-1): You will never do any more work than is absolutely necessary. You will rely on your companions to do things such as build campfires, cook, and keep watch throughout the night. Generally, you will neglect details of preparedness in order to grab a few extra minutes of sleep. Failure indicates that you think the time would be better spent napping or laying under the shade.(Young form)

Magic: Fire make magic.
Caster or Holder: Caster.
Description: Fire Make Magic is the kind of magic that Naivarra uses and as the name implies it allows her to create and control fire in any way shape or form while also granting immunity to fire to the controller at later/higher ranks. The kind of things that she can create with her magic included weapons, outfits, shapes, animals and basically pretty much anything that Naivarra can imagine with size, shape and complexity limited depending upon the rank.
Strengths: Being fire magic this magic has an advantage against ice magic and cold related techniques.Due to the very nature of this brand of fire magic Naivarra has rather a lot of combat choices when things come down to the wire.
Weaknesses: Water magic is the direct counter to this magic. If in an area where setting stuff on fire will create a dangerous situation for her, such as if the ground is covered in something like petrol, then Naivarra is effectively crippled and has her offensive options limited.

History: Naivarra was born to a family of elemental spirits, which as the name implies are spirits of there respective element in this case being fire and despite both her parents being creatures born from fire they still had human forms due to magic yet, as a result of this ability to adopt a human appearance all members of Naivarra's race have split personalities which differ on the individual.

Anyway, the early life for Naivarra was actually more difficult than the kind a normal child would face as for the early years of her life she was two people sharing a single body and had no idea at all how to adopt a human form, meaning her parents had to feed a living ball of fire which made discipline rather difficult, after all you don't just tell a five year old ball of fire to put down the chocolate and do there homework without some hiccups do you?

Anyway, the first five years of Naivarra's life where basically just learning how to change into human form, which I should mention can be anything they wish in terms of hair colour, eye colour and shape but not gender, and after that part of her life was nicely wrapped up with a bow tie we get onto how Eliara's family came into contact with Naivarra's which is a whole new kettle of fish continued in the next paragraph.

At the time Naivarra and Eliara may have only been five years old but, that didn't stop the horrible parents of Eliara arranging a marriage to try and get rid of her and while at first Naivarra's parents weren't too sure on the idea, they eventually came around as in the next five years and since Naivarra's home became like a second home for Eliara and the two of them became rather close friends, however as the years went by Naivarra started to form an obsessive crush on Eliara as the two sides of her personality that her race have started to split and form into two distinct individuals yet both of them shared the same feelings for Eli.

At age ten Naivarra had started to learn how to control her magic while going through school the like so by the time that she was age 16 Naivarra had full control over her magic and was a pretty capable mage which was when the news came in that Eliara's parents had been killed and that Eliara herself had utterly vanished so, being how obsessed with Eliara she was Naivarra left her parents home and went out into the world looking for her bride to be and eventually tracked her down to Eisenweild which is why she instantly joined up with the guild molding herself to fit in with the guild.

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Hello, Naivarra.

  • You may pick one Alignment.
  • Use the list code for Likes, Dislikes, Motivations, Positive Traits and Negative Traits.
  • Explain your motivations a bit more.
  • The template is a little off after your Negative Traits, please fix this.

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Naivarra Elysium

Naivarra Elysium
Okay, I do believe I have fixed the flaws.

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  • Positive Traits: The code is off, please fix this.
  • Remove the "list code" at the end of your history.

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Naivarra Elysium

Naivarra Elysium
Ok, I think I have this done.

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